Monday, May 26, 2008

May 24, 2008 Sesto al Reghena and Wedding

Last Sunday we went to the last of the free concerts of the spring season, offered in the Pordenone region, at the town of Sesto al Reghena. It was pouring gattos and canes that day (cats and dogs), so we were not able to amble about this interesting old town. I particularly wanted to go back to see the roses, which were located behind the concert building, some of which were dated centuries old.

You enter through one portico, which has a stream running beside it. Here are some pictures of that area, along with a watering fountain. The force of the water flowing in the stream causes the water to come out of the mouth. Also note the “no fishing” sign posted in front of an old building.

Inside the first portico looking back and further down the street.

Here is a picture taken down a curved side street.

This merchant decorated their doorway in an eye-catching fashion.

It is definitely geranium time here! Nearly every Italian home has geraniums in pot by the doorsteps, on window sills, hanging from balconies…..

There is another portico through which you must pass to bet to the church and churchyard. Notice the beautiful fresco over the arch.

Here are pictures of the municipal building with beautiful frescoes across the top. (The concert took place in a building to the left of the municipal building, which you will see in the garden pictures.)

Even a side door is beautifully decorated.

I was anxious to see the rose garden which contained so many antique roses. Despite having taken quite a beating from all the rain storms, they were still beautiful to see.

This stream and boardwalk followed the perimeter of the church complex, a beautiful walk with a couple of benches inviting you to sit and watch the water, listen to the birdsong, just enjoy the serenity of the place. There was a wedding going on in the church and we could hear some of the music for it being sang and played.

The church courtyard was quite a large area, bordered on one side by this building which was next to the church. Notice the frescoes here too.

The bell tower…

The war memorials…

This is the wall of a nursery school, forming another wall of the courtyard.

There were ruins of a former church located behind the yellow building and church.

Archeological bits…

As I noted before, there was a wedding going on when we were there. This patient driver and his horse and carriage were waiting for the bride and groom to appear after the ceremony.

Here are some more pictures of the happy couple(s): the bride and groom and the horse and his driver.